QFX With the Legend DJ SASH
QFX With the Legend DJ SASH

QFX Dates 2023/2024

Where to see the band live 

If you are interested in Booking QFX Please contact us below.


 ******************************2024 dates***********************************

Friday 28th June 2024  Lockgelly  Fife
Saturday 29th June ********Available********

Friday 12th July Monty's Stanley
Saturday 13th July Kubix Festival 
Sunday 14th Darlington Car Festival

Friday 26th of July  EDF  Festival
Saturday 27th July ************Available***********
Sunday 28th July *************Available ***********

Friday 16th Aug ***************Available************ 
Saturday 17th Aug ********Available *********

Friday 23rd Aug ***************Available***********
Saturday 24th Aug Rockore Festival

Friday 6th Sept 2024.****** Available**********
Saturday 7th Sept 2024 Buzz Bingo Falkirk 

Friday 27th Sept Compression Edinburgh

Friday 4th Oct Buzz Bingo Special Walssend
Saturday 5th Oct QFX Freedom 30th Anniversary Colo Gateshead.... 

Saturday 26th October Special Event :)

Friday 9th Nov 2024 Buzz Bingo Irvin

Friday 13th Dec Buzz Bingo XL Washington

Saturday 14th Dec Buzz Bingo XL Middlesborough 

Friday 20th Dec PeterHead Mad Friday Event